Saturday, September 24, 2011

Oregon Manifest 2011

The Oregon Manifest, for those unfamiliar with the event, is "(a) design/build competition to create the ultimate modern utility bike", or in other words, a commuters candy store! Custom made bikes, fenders and bags! Can I get an "Oh my!"

Unfortunately for me, as the name suggests, the event takes place in Oregon. But that doesn't mean we can't look at lots of pictures taken by Jonathan Maus of

Sidecar! It looks like it's mostly for ice/beer or well, why would you want to put anything else in there?
Tony Pereira - Pereira Cycles-1

This is what I'm talking about: 2 Flasks! One for gin, one for vermouth, and the olive jar in the bag!
Ahearne Cycles-27

Okay, besides booze, let's see what else we can carry. As part of this years event three well-known builders teamed up with three design firms to come up with some treats. View them all here and click on each one to see their diary of their builds. My favorite:
Fuse Project - Sycip-20

Part of the event is a ride challenge where builders or selected riders take their designs and put them to a true test: 51 miles of varied terrain! While some of the designs had really cool integrated features I feel they wouldn't last a good 51 miles, but then, how many of us ride 51 miles on our daily errands?
UO student team-71

View the rest of the flickr set and be sure to read the articles on

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