Friday, October 28, 2011

Chrome Midway Pro

On our recent trip to Chicago I stumbled upon the Chrome boutique in Wicker Park. I really hadn't planned on buying a new bag but I figured I'd go in and take a look. We skipped past the bags and headed right for the shoes. Now I definitely don't have as many shoes as Em but I have quite a few. Several friends have some Chrome shoes and they like them but I was interested in the SPD compatible models. Until now I would wear my cycling shoes and carry a pair of regular shoes in my backpack and I'm always looking for a way to reduce the amount of stuff I need to carry. I opted for the Midway Pro, a mid-top shoe that will give me a bit of ankle support and also be a good winter shoe.

My first ride was pretty positive. The cleat bridge is pushed more forward than my other shoes so I had to make some adjustments mid commute but after that I was on the ball again and riding comfortably. The next morning I was a little flustered when my cleat released as I was taking off from the light at Cooper and Union. Thinking that it was just a fluke I tried to purposefully pull out from that spot again and I hit my knee on my handlebar! Now I was hurt and frustrated. I took it easy the rest of my commute. I know that I can put a shim under the cleat to improve the cleat/pedal interface but that would negate the purpose of having an SPD street shoe - the cleats should not contact the ground when I'm walking around.


Anyone else with these shoes experiencing this same issue? Solved this issue? I'm going to keep riding them because they still do their job; maybe they will improve with wear?

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