Monday, February 13, 2012

I Wish This Was

I saw this over at Smart City Memphis. Order stickers from the official website:

My predictions for what we'll start to see around town:

Overton Square: I Wish This Was...
-a fabric store (for theatre costumes in addition to other patrons)
-a breakfast place / bakery
-a make-up store
-not painted ugly

Sears Crosstown: I Wish This Was...
-a vertical farm
-a Sanrio store
-a park
-a rec center
-a modern art museum / gallery

Downtown: I Wish This Was...
-more authentic
-more affordable
-more than just restaurants / never-open galleries / high-end boutiques

The Fairgrounds: I Wish This Was...
-a velodrome
-a playground
-bicycle polo courts

Krogers: I Wish This Was...
-a better grocery store
-an easier parking lot
-a healthier option
-easier to find the arugula / barley / creme fraiche / small organic milks / halibut / etc