Sunday, February 12, 2012

We Can't Have Anything Nice

I gave Cort a nice Jcrew sweater that he has been wanting all winter (since he has put a mysterious hole in the past two he's received) and the Levi's Commuter Jean for Chanukah this year. By the end of January he had already ruined both. He gets frustrated and I get more attracted because I think it's really cute that he's so dirty.

The day he washed his new jeans, he exclaimed that I was receiving yet another "hubby hand me down". I figured I would turn them into my boyfriend shorts. However, I recalled an old high school jeans turned college jeans trick: wash your shrunken jeans, but DON'T dry them. Rather lay them flat on your bed (over a thick blanket as to not sleep on wet sheets) and pull and stretch the fabric.

After about an hour, repeat. Once fully dry, if the denim is a little hard, either wear them to soften them or spray Febreze.

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