Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Louisville will get you drunk!

Right before all of the holiday hysteria we took a little trip, we being Dennis, Erica, Emily and myself, to visit Jevans at his new place in Louisville, KY.
Louisville 005 Louisville 006

His new apartment is right above a neighborhood bar. The plus is that he lives above a bar, the minus is that he lives above a bar. The other plus is the bar had a simple little bike rack in front; in fact, these bike racks were everywhere around Louisville. Pretty cool. We arrived in Louisville at around 3AM Friday morning and went to bed around 5AM.
Louisville 010 Louisville 021

We awoke at the crack of 1:30PM. I'm always the first awake so I goofed around outside on my new setup.
Louisville 022

I got some new Velocity Chukkers in the Olive Mist color and wrapped them with some 35mm Continental Speed Kings. Riding freewheel on this monster hence the front AND rear brakes. The weather was poifect so we did a small ride to get some food then came back to the house. After that Dennis and Jevans and I rode about 2 miles to downtown to see the shop where Jevans works. Sorry, no pictures, but the major streets had on-street parking which was kind of like having a bike lane. We hung out with the guys at the shop for a few hours then headed to the bar. Notice I didn't say house, because I basically dropped my bag off and went downstairs. The all-vegetarian menu was actually nice and there was quite an assortment of beers. So we had a few.
Louisville 026 Louisville 039

Neil Young said it's better to burn out than to fade away. That was before Sparks.
Louisville 042Louisville 040Louisville 047Louisville 049Louisville 050

At this point I went along with the idea to take a picture with everyone in the bar. Too many to upload so here's a couple:
Louisville 069 Louisville 075

A couple of people even rode their bikes to the bar:
Louisville 084 Louisville 098

Fixed gears are the most!
Louisville 099

At this point everyone went to sleep except me. I continued to represent Memphis into the wee hours at another bar. I awoke to this:
Louisville 102

Dennis is totes in love with me. I can say that because he doesn't read the internet. After doughnuts and coffee and haircuts we spent the day shopping at Zappos, Lotsa Pasta and The World's Most Awesome Flea Market. Again, no pics. So just be satisfied with what you see.

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