Sunday, December 6, 2009

Memphis Cyclo Cat

So I spent some time on mapmyride and came up with a tentative course for the upcoming cyclocat.

Bigger version here.

Here's stuff you need to know:
- The start is at the back part of Audubon Park, way back by the fence.
- You will exit the park to your left via the gravel road then right on Cherry.
- Make your way to the first checkpoint, behind The Peddler on Highland.
- Make your way to the intersection of Central and East Parkway, hop on the median and ride that to Poplar.
- Enter the park at your discretion, the next checkpoint is Rainbow Lake.
- Make your way to McLean and the V&E Greenway, ride that to N. Watkins.
- Use the medians to make your way down N. Parkway to Main Street.
- Ride between the Trolley tracks (staying on the cobblestones) from N. Main to S. Main, end at Midtown Bikes.

Feel free to ride this, it's 13.4 miles, and let me know what you think.