Saturday, December 12, 2009

Walk Bike Meeting Notes! WOOP WOOP!!

Walk!Bike!Memphis Meeting Notes: 12/7/09


Review the draft for the “City of Memphis Bicycle Design Guide”. It is open for public suggestion as to where bike lanes, sidewalks, repaving, etc. will go/happen.

1.) Dawn, an employee for the Center City Commission, is promoting “Bike to Work Day” on May 21st! She wants the business to be a clearing house for info., find potential committees, and plan fun events that correspond.
2.) She also thought of a ‘Walking Tour’ around town in which participants will walk to landmarks, have a scavenger hunt, or any other suggestions.
3.) Review and suggestions for elevator statement, mission, and goals.
4.) Emily is helping with the Bicycle Film Festival 2010 at the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art.

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