Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cooper Young Bicycle Racks

You guys and girls are like, "Finally!" right? No bicycle racks are more obviously deserving of a review than these. Well here ya go, I hope you learn something:
Cooper young, bicycle rack
Inbalance Fitness

The Cooper-Young Bicycle Racks were designed by Yvonne Bobo (who also built the Drag'n Trailer). From Andy Ashby, reporter at the Memphis Business Journal and secretary of the Cooper-Young Community Association: The CYCA had Yvonne put together several ideas and this one made the most sense. It was small enough to be put in several locations (some property owners didn't want a big long bike rack in front of their space). It was also economical, $400 or $500, I think. Also, the ginkgo tree is the official tree of Cooper-Young, according to the history book. Revolutions Community Bicycle Shop also approved the design.
Cooper young, bicycle rack Cooper young, bicycle rack
Burke's Books, of course and Midtown Acupuncture & Natural Apothecary

I have to be honest, I feel a sense of pride when I lock up to one of these because I did some fundraising for Revolutions to pay for these racks. Remember the flat track races? We raised about $341 (probably more but I can't remember. It was the heat, ya know.) All of the racks function well, allowing a bike on each side potentially. Three of them, however, could be turned a quarter turn to allow for more convenient sidewalk flow: Inbalance, Midtown Acupuncture and Celtic.
Cooper young, bicycle rack Cooper young, bicycle rack
Celtic Crossing and Cafe Ole/Young Avenue Deli

There is a plaque near each of the racks (except for the Midtown Acupuncture rack which I think was knocked off because it was attached to the ground) telling where funding for each rack came from. The Revolutions racks are the ones in front of Burke's Books and Cafe Ole.
Cooper Young bicycle rack Cooper Young bicycle rack
Cooper Young bicycle rack Cooper Young bicycle rack

I considered looking at each of these racks individually but I think I would just be saying the same thing about each one, substituting a location. Since we think of Cooper-Young as the mark by which we measure other Memphis communities it seems only proper to keep these racks together.

Andy also tells me that there is a seventh ginkgo rack at the CYCA offices. They wanted to put it in front of the office but the asphalt doesn't make a good foundation. Perhaps they should put it in front of Urban Outfitters? Or maybe a contest to see which CY business gets the most bicycle traffic, excluding the businesses that already have racks, and also excluding Victory Bicycle Studio because they would obviously win.

Here's how they rack up:

Form - Artistic
Function - Pass
Environment - Inspired by neighborhood trees
Points of Interest - Just check the tags below


Andy said...

Thanks for reviewing these bike racks. It was a fun project for the CYCA because it promoted so much of what our neighborhood believes in: supporting local artists, supporting local businesses, bicycle riding, a sense of place and community involvement.

TNreader said...

Glad you wrote this. I had no idea what those things were, but I thought they were pretty. Now I know.



Mandy Grisham said...

Peabody Elementary would LOVE to have the extra bike rack! We have been talking about trying to get some in front of the school. Let me know! -Mandy Grisham