Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

The holiday weekend started off at a leisurely pace with about 60 cycling companions at Cycle Memphis's inaugural ride. I pulled the trailer and brought up the rear with a few of the more experienced riders occasionally hanging back (thanks Adam H., David S., Brett E., and Cara N.!) It was nice to ride with some folks that I see out all the time but with whom I rarely get a chance to ride (Howell E., Grace K., Steven W. - bring your trailer next time!)
Cycle Memphis, 7-2-11

You can sign up for the next ride on Facebook or just show up and ride! View a few more pics on my flickr.

Saturday we loaded the cooler onto the trailer and biked over to Wagenschutz Manor (after the thunderstorm) for some grilling and fireworks. What happens when you go to a vegetarians house for a cook-out? Veggie-burgers and burger-cakes:

I made that picture big so they look more tasty. The "burger" is chocolate cupcake! I was stuffing my face and lighting bottle rockets for the next 6 hours so I didn't get any more pictures. Then folks from Little Rock wanted to go play polo so we were out until 2 AM sweating out the alcohol. It looked like this but dark and worse courts:

That picture is actually from the Sunday Friendlies Cookout. This time I was just way too tired to take more photos. Brett should have some good ones soon. To all the LR folks, thanks for coming over; it was great to again see those I've met and meet those I haven't seen!

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Planet MarTay said...

Looks like a great time! I can't wait to join everyone on the next ride! Love the burger cupcakes, by the way.