Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Memphis Medical Center Bicycle Rack


I have 10 eyes, at least. Ten eyes that are open to seeing bicycle racks and their form and function. Ten eyes that see a piece of art and say, "That's more than just a sculpture!" Two of those eyes belong to Michelle the Memphistanista. She spotted this bike rack on one of her trips and sent me a picture. Not familiar with the location I had to go check it out myself.

So this bicycle rack is tucked away on a low-travelled section of Monroe, between Dudley and Pauline next to a parking garage that serves several medical offices and schools. I would venture that this rack's potential is limited by it's location. Visibility by the general public is paramount in usage. Not that much of the general public would ride a bike to the hospital; depending on the situation I probably wouldn't either. But that doesn't rule out staff and students. However, the location of this rack is such that I wonder how many staff and students even know of it's existence.

Here's how it racks up:

Form - Artistic
Function - Aside from my speculations on the visibility the rack functions well with a 10-bike potential
Environment - Lots of M's!
Points of Interest - Memphis Bioworks Foundation, Regional Medical Center, UT Health Science Center


Michelle said...

Thanks for the mention. This one is really hidden away.

Anonymous said...

Your back wheel looks like it's in danger of being hit by a car.

Cort said...

Looks like it, but that area is like VIP parking that was blocked off. I think maybe they thought they might use it again in the future?

Gadsby Creson said...

I am glad you guys found the rack I designed despite its hidden placement.

I've got two on Broad Ave(one beside West Memorials and one in front of TClifton Art Gallery).I should be done with one going in at Front and Butler mid January. I would love to have their function reviewed as I am not a cyclist.

Thank you for highlighting it!