Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Levi's 511 Commuter Jean

Levi's has for some time had a cycling oriented jean on the market: the 511 Commuter Jean. Features that set this jean apart from regular jeans: gusseted crotch, u-lock holster, and reflective interior seams that show when you roll up the pant leg. There are a few other features but those are the majors. Emily got me a pair of these jeans during the holidays. I'm particular about clothes, so I tried them on and liked the fit. I don't like super skinny jeans. I'm over that. I don't want people to know how many keys are on my key ring or what kind of phone I use. Maybe you think I'm getting fat? I like to think that my thigh muscles are getting bigger. I ride almost daily, after all.

Regardless, as with all Levi's I go as long as I can stand before washing, which in this case was about 3 to 4 weeks. Three to four weeks of commuting and working in a bike shop. So maybe I should have washed them earlier. But check this: they SHRANK when I washed them. My other Levi 511's never shrank. Now when I wear them I have this upside down triangle look to me. These things are just another pair of tights now.

The lesson: Don't Wash your Levi's. Ever. I think it's the real reason Febreeze was invented.


Suzanne Allen said...

No pictures?

Cort said...

I didn't want to hurt anyone's eyes.

Megan Marie said...


REMspeedwagon said...

Hahaha, wear em out again! These things seem like they will never tear