Sunday, January 8, 2012

Time To Embarrass Anthony Siracusa

The Cycle Memphis ride last night was well-attended and pretty easy in terms of SAG: no blowouts, only a slow leaked that had to be pumped twice before changing it at the halfway stop. A small audience watched as I demonstrated the proper way to effortlessly change a rear flat on a road bike. Afterwards we were talking about rim wall depth and difficulties with fixing flats and it reminded me of the Space Race Alleycat which had a flat-fixing checkpoint. To make the checkpoint a bit more challenging everyone had to change their rear tube. There are several people you would expect to be able to do this in no time at all but one person was having a particularly difficult time. That person is Anthony Siracusa:

The riders had already been to the top of a garage downtown, picked up a package and were now rolling up to the Pink Palace for the flat-fix checkpoint:

Anthony removes his rear wheel with the confidence of a trained mechanic:

The tube goes in the tire and the tire goes on the rim:

WTF Mate? It's leaking!:

Let's try this again:

Okay, count the number of tubes in this photo. One in the tire, 2 on the ground. Third time's a charm, right Anthony?

Okay, now you've got it. Load up that bag and rejoin the race, in which you've fallen considerably behind.

I think in a race some time after this one (maybe Memphis Downs?) Anthony flatted and just said "eff it!"

Sorry Anthony. You know I love you, brother. We'll do something in May so you can redeem yourself.


notquitealibrarian said...

Saweet, Alleycat in May?

Cort said...

Thats what I'm aiming for!