Friday, January 13, 2012


A play on words - you might be familiar with the French phrase "pret-a-porter" which means "ready to wear" which makes this bike "ready to carry", not to be confused with "portage" which is a term for carrying the bike itself. Sadly I'm not the first to use "pret-a-porteur", TCB Racks out of Portland has a front rack called the "Pret a Porteur". Pretty sweet rack. But on to the bike! I built this at the request of my best man Ryan for his girl Jenny. It's an Italian Benotto frame (Italian BB with a heart cut out of the bottom) that I blindly threw a bunch of components at and this is what turned out:

The basket is removable for walking around the farmers market or grocery store.

The Velo Orange Milano handlebars give a nice sweep back to put you in a comfortable upright position.

It's a six speed so that should make things a bit easy on the legs.

Jenny gets back into town in a few weeks so we'll have to wait and see how she likes it.

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