Friday, January 20, 2012

Schwinn Panther

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We walked into this little restaurant yesterday and this classic, original Schwinn Panther is displayed on the wall.

So many people have come into the shop with an old cruiser with a Schwinn headbadge and think they have something like this, even the ones that don't actually have a Schwinn headbadge! "Well my partner told me he heard of someone with this bike and they sold it for a hunnit thousand dollas!" I'm serious! Then I have to tell them that the Roadmaster in their hands isn't worth a hundred pennies and if they restored it it would be worth less than the parts and labor it cost to do the job.

Also, it's pronounced like win with a sh on the front; not shwine and there is not a single r in the word. Serious, again.

BTDubs, we're not in Florida.

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