Friday, November 14, 2008

Sunday - Cyclocross Championship

Outdoors Inc. is hosting the 22nd annual Tennessee Cyclocross Championship at Greenbelt Park on Mud Island this Sunday, November 16th. I'm not sure if anyone will be riding fixed at this race but you can still come out and cheer on your friends. Chase will be riding a test bike from Blue Bicycles so when you see him be sure to yell some words of encouragement. He's kinda self-concious about his beard (we're doing this whole No-Shave November thing) so be sure to say something about that. Maybe point out that he looks like an albino lion.

Registration is at 8am and races start at 9am. Details are here. It's going to be cold so bundle up and maybe bring some hot chocolate in addition to your beer and cowbell.


Jared Roy said...

make sure you attend the Mud and Blood Ball

Anonymous said...

I just posted some Devils Advocate race photos on my Flickr, I'll add some cyclcross ones soon.

Emily said...

This was so much fun and I did not want to leave and Chase looks like an albino lion.

Oh,-and um, my word verification that I have to type to post this is 'poked'.