Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thank You New Orleans!!

Denis, Erica, Emily and I just rolled in from New Orleans where we had a fucking blast! Our new friend Paul put together one of the most elaborate races: witches brewing in a cauldron, Jason, riding as the "headless cyclist", dancing to "Thriller", getting mummy-wrapped, digging through someone's guts... And those were just SOME of the checkpoints. Denis will have to tell you more about it because my weak gear and my weak legs couldn't hold his pace. Thankfully I didn't get lost. What was amazing was the traffic; the cars are so used to pedestrians and cyclists. We were weaving in and out of cars and buses and people and going wrong ways on one-way streets; so much fun! And the cops didn't give a shit! (as opposed to Memphis, where the first part of our alleycat several of us got pulled over for running a red light!) However the streets are terrible; they should just be called potholes with a little bit of street in them. Regardless, Denis finished 1st out of towner and 3rd overall!

We called it an early night Friday then spent all day Saturday riding around the French Quarter (Emily really liked weaving through traffic!), eating great food and Denis and I picked up on some polo matches while the girls shopped. We each won two of our three matches. We finished the day with beignets at Cafe Du Monde and a chill moment of the levee.

Pictures of the race, costumes, and everything will be up soon. Thanks again to everyone who welcomed us into their community, especially Paul, Russell, Willie, Daniel, Gabe, Lando and everyone who's name I forgot!

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