Thursday, June 23, 2011

Downtown YMCA Bicycle Rack

Bicycle rackA couple of years ago my friend Sean Quigley suggested opening a gym in which all of the machines provided the utility power. It's certainly not a new idea, Anthony shed some light on bicimaquinas a while back and a new bar has opened in Portland where folks can pedal to power the electricity: Hopworks BikeBar. So why hasn't anyone harnessed a full gyms-worth of power?

Here's how the rack racks up:

Form - Industrial
Function - Pass
Environment - Doesn't mimic
Points of Interest - Downtown YMCA

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Anonymous said...

I have a picture of the same rack from a job site visit I went to last month. It's funny how every bike is on the rack in a different way. One hogging the spots, mine is over the bar, another has it's front wheel locked, and one at the end of the rack locked.

I usually go with over the bar because I only had a U Lock in college and my bike is less likely to fall over and takes up less space on the sidewalk.