Friday, June 3, 2011

Memphis CVB Bicycle Rack

Bicycle rack

This is like the bicycle rack breeding ground. And what a perfect place: the Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau. When people stop there to get info it's like, "POWHN!, we are a cycling city." You know what I call this? Foresight. Over the next few years Memphis will become the premiere place to cross the Mississippi River via bicycle with the construction and completion of the Harahan Bridge Project. Now I know that cycle tourists are often very frugal, utilizing websites such as to find like-minded people to stay with. When I see tourers come through they are usually here for a few days, checking out the record studios and museums and eating barbecue then pedaling off for Chicago, Portland, California, etc. But with so much planned bicycle (and electric car) infrastructure Memphis has the potential to be the destination instead of a checkpoint. It's time to leverage what we already have and entice cycling companies to headquater here. You want year-round cycling? Done. You want local breweries. Here's a pint glass. Direct flight to Amsterdam? Here's your ticket.

Of course there is more to this than bikes, beer, and babes... wait. No there isn't.

Here's how the rack racks up:

Form - Wave
Function - Pass with 50+ potential
Environment - Not really
Points of Interest - Mississippi River, Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau

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myshoeshurt said...

yay i'm officially excited about Memphis!