Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Meet Memphian #366, Overton-Broad Connector, Urban Art Trail


Doug Campbell has a beard, panniers and teaches economics at the University of Memphis. He was photographed at the Overton-Broad Connector Design Workshop where he was taking pictures of me for his blog, Biking In Memphis.

That looks familiar, right? I'm totally biting I Love Memphis. She has several times linked to fixmemphis but I can't recall that I've ever linked to her, so... Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

And speaking of Doug, he has a good review of the Design Workshop. I will add to his review that the type of lane that links the SF Greenline to Broad is a separated bike path running the west side of Tillman. It will be 2-lane traffic like the SF Greenline, crossing Sam Cooper and making a sharp left onto Broad (the only difficult part of my ride to the workshop) where it will eventually split to coincide with the "bike lanes" in place on Broad. I think that type of design is integral to give pedestrians and cyclists the sense of safety they have on the SF Greenline. The designs were drawn up with public input by Looney, Ricks, Kiss and funded by Livable Memphis (which needs to update its website).

Remember the description of the workshop: "a premier example of a safe and innovative bicycle/pedestrian facility and urban art trail that serves as a ..."

Urban art trail? That's one of the parts in which I was really interested. Alas, there was nothing about art at the workshop and John Weeden from the Urban Art Commission was not there so I couldn't ask him any questions.

But! I jumped onto the V&E Greenline as part of my Urban CX route and noticed some new art laying to the side. There are a few more pictures on my flickr; though you will have to get out there to see them in more detail.

IMG_20110622_071509.jpg IMG_20110622_071355.jpg

Sometime in the future you might see a "disco ball" hanging off the side of the Sears Crosstown. Combine that with Guillame Alby's mural on Broad Avenue and the Urban Art Trail is starting to shape up.

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