Friday, June 24, 2011

My Favorite Bike - Emily

As many of you know, I have a couple different bikes. I started to ride my pink cross bike the most, mainly because it's pink, duh. It wasn't orginally pink. It was a maroon Benotto that my friend Beth found in the trash. It was too big for her, so she secretly gave it to Cort to give to me for my birthday. Cort later rattle canned it pink at his brother's house (it was a good moment:)

Emily's bike

Because it was an old road bike, it had 27 inch wheels; so we put a 700c wheel set on it to give me room for wider tires. This means I can ride off of curbs with less impact, run over small impediments in the street and switch terrain without much hesitation. Riding fun singletrack like the Old Forest Trail in Overton Park is not a problem. Pink bike is also a single speed which gives me more of a stable workout. I do like gears sometimes, but only for long distances but I usually just grab my pink bike anyways because its more comfortable.

IMG_20110621_190409.jpg Emily's bike Emily's bike

Cort put a quill adapter on the handlebars to give me more options so I can enjoy riding without suffering from neck tension later. It also has handlebars that are swept back so I'm not stretching my back and shoulders too much (i hate that!) and since I am more upright I can see in front of me without bending my neck up unnaturally (i hate that, too!).

Emily's bike

Cort put a fancy bag full of emergency goodies just in case, although he always checks my bike before i leave<3.
Emily's bike

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