Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bicycle Race Tailgating

So much stuff has been happening lately (filming, Passover(s), Paris Roubaix, working like crazy busy) that it will be nice to take a minute and relax. Last year's Tiger Lane Crit Series was incredibly fun, filled with awesome bicycles and great beer; not to mention Trek LiveSTRONG U23 rider Nathan Brown putting the hurt on the 1,2,3's!

This year I'm going to finalize a comprehensive plan for bicycle race tailgating consisting of six main elements (this list actually started with 4, so if I add elements as the race draws closer don't be surprised.):

1. Bicycle
2. Trailer
3. Cooler
4. Beer
5. Water
6. Chairs

Those are the essentials. There may be another element: grill. (See, I'm already starting to add stuff) That would open up several options for food but I'm kinda thinking a 1/2 and 1/2 slab from Central BBQ, a wholly Memphis way to enjoy a race.

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