Thursday, April 5, 2012

Volunteers Wanted For Bike To Work Day

Some of you probably have the idea that Em and I just sit around talking about bicycles and ways to make people more aware of bicycles. Let me assure you, that is almost completely true. In a recent conversation we had a nice idea that seemed easy to do and sounds like it will be quite effective. Part of having a good idea is getting it in the hands of someone who can implement that idea. We worked with Dawn Vinson of the Downtown Memphis Commission and now we want your help to make this idea a reality.

We want you to ride your bicycle around downtown. Easy! We want you to ride in business or business casual attire (bizness attire is, unfortunately, not what we're after). Super easy! We want you to do so with a piece of paper on which a QR code is printed. Can this get any easier! You can do it anytime between April 30th and May 17th at any time you choose (preferably during the day but nighttime works as well). Flexibility! If you are interested contact Dawn at 901-575-0555 or

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