Monday, April 30, 2012

Great Streets - Healthy Communities 2012

Tomorrow morning there is a very exciting lecture at the University of Memphis. If you ever have felt like you live on a nice street but there were things that could be made nicer, or that you have hesitations about biking across major streets or even that Memphis just isn't living up to it's potential, you need to attend this event.

"Great Streets - Healthy Communities 2012 is about designing and building active community environments. Guest Speakers are:
Adetokunbo "Toks" Omishakin, Assistant Commissioner, Tennessee Department of Transportation
Barbara McCann, Executive Director, National Complete Streets Coalition
About Great Streets-Healthy communities 2012:
Explore the impact of the built environment on sense of community, livability, physical activity and public health;
Consider the design and policy influences on the choices we make about how we build activity friendly environments;
Engage in discussion and dialogue about policy change and implementation to re-think how we design and build active community environments."

Register here. Now.

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