Friday, April 13, 2012


Passover limits options for food. Even though we're doing a "Passover Light" kind of thing where we're just not eating leavened bread (because technically you can't have rice or beans or tons of other stuff like beer [as if...]) it is still difficult to find good things to eat. I can only order so many sandwiches without the bread! So Em and I wanted to ride over to The Cove for sardines. The Cove's sardines are not the canned kind you eat with crackers and mustard but they also aren't the huge ones that you get in tapas in Spain:


Yes, that is a for real Spanish tapas, that you get FOR FREE when you order a beer. Oh you thought tapas bars were cool in the USA?

Anyways, the fun part of getting over to Broad is cutting through the Old Forest.


So we get over there and The Cove is closed. Not open yet. So we pedaled down to 3 Angels and had a super good lunch.

Broad Avenue is having their Spring Art Walk today from 5-10PM. Perhaps you can go to The cove and grab some of those sardines.

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