Thursday, September 3, 2009

And here are the Eleven


505 Zach Curlin
Clark Tower
Cannon Center/Hilton (lowest level)
40 Dudley Street
230 Shadyac Ave 49 S. Front Street
245 Washington
Commerce (Market) Square Parking
216 East Street
340 Innovation Drive
Parking Can Be Fun
MLGW Front Street 869 Madison

afterparty/finish: ???*

Like we did last year, once you have written down all of the letters on top of the garages you will unscramble the letters to form the finish destination. This ride requires that all participants act in an honorable manner. If you think it is cheating, it is cheating, so don't do it. Go to every garage, please. By all means research the garages on Google Maps but DO NOT ride them as it will draw unwanted attention. I was kicked out of one garage already.

Riders are advised to wear a helmet and have proper lights and reflectors on their bikes. We also require that all traffic laws be respected - especially speed and weight limits.

The points for the winners of the Memphis Downs will work like this: Riders receive points in each ride for the order in which they finish. The first place finisher receives as many points as there are riders in the specific ride. For example, if 37 riders ride Sunday night, the first place finisher receives 37 points, the second place rider receives 36, etc. For bike polo, points will be awarded on a team basis and teams of 3 will be drawn at random. If there are 5 teams, the winning team will receive 5 points each, second place 4 points each, etc. Skid contest and footdown work the same way.

Check back for updates, some shit will probably go awry.


Roco said...

And where are we playing POLO at?

Anonymous said...

Last year the letters were pretty hard to find or we questioned if they were the right letter (multiple ones in a single garage.)

Will this be a North West corner type thing again? If you haven't put them up yet can you put like a fat line under them or a fat circle around them or something that distinguishes them?

Will the Clark Tower garage be open? Or is this the spiral dealie only?

Thanks for putting this on again. So many questions...

Can we use a kickstand in the foot down competition?

Anonymous said...

.... and will 216 East St. Be open?

Fix Memphis said...

Letters are either in the northwest corner or the highest point or near stairs/elevator. I've already lettered the garages but after today's rain I'll have to check them before the race. Clark Tower is open, kickstands are a no-no, 216 East St is open.

Fix Memphis said...

And polo will probably be at the tennis courts where McLean meets Lamar/Southern.