Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Saturday Afternoon Rock Flick: Died Young, Stayed Pretty

Saturday, September 5, 2 pm

Check out this first-hand view of the underground poster scene about bands, ideas, and what makes a rock poster sing.
This indie-based creativity gives its viewers a unique perspective into who is actually behind that slammin' poster framed in your living room. See what sets off these progressive artists ideas of obscenity, uniqueness, and cool.
Bring a bag, though, there may just be a record store selling posters and records before the film.

Director Eileen Yaghoobian will be in attendance.

How much? 8 bucks for non-members, 6 for members!
Where? Memphis Brooks Museum of Art!
Check out the trailer here:

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Keith said...

going to see this in nashville on thursday...