Sunday, September 13, 2009

We've been a little busy

Let's rewind about two weeks and check out what happened on Labor Day. The polo day for the Memphis Downs started with a great cookoff at Jasons and before we all got too drunk we rolled over to CBU for a little mallet action. It wasn't long before a security guard came up and made it clear that we weren't welcome. Since we weren't able to finish with the double elimination tournament we had going I awarded 2 points to every player on a team beat by the winning team, who all got 3 points. And, as we suspected, Chase swept the podium. Here's how everything came out:

Chase 26
Josh 18
Zac 17
Kermit 16
Brett 16
Todd 13
Andrew 13
Joel 12
John 9
Cort 8
Daniel 6
Charles 5
Ted 5
Eric 4
Parker 3
Dennis 3
Burly Andy 2
Jason 2
Andy J 2

I still have prizes to give out to Zac, Dennis, and Ted (I think). We'll do something soon.

Two days later Em and I took off for Nashville to see the Chuck Close exhibit. A-mazing. Also, inspiring. I'm anxious to print some new stuff. We'll set up a printing night pretty soon. We got to stop by Halcyon Bike Shop and talk to the nice people there and check out their bikes. Lots of pretty candy. What works for them is taking old road frames, putting on good quality components, color-matching, and selling it for around $500. What they don't do is take an old road frame, order some low level wheels off the internet, respace and fuck up the hubs, use whatever old original equipment they can and sell it to some craigslist sucker for $550.


We also got to ride with a lot of our Skumlife friends. We met in Centennial Park and hung out doing skids and whatnot while everyone showed up. There was some debate about where to go, everything was either 1 mile away or 7 miles away, so we opted for the 7 and hit up the 3 Crow. They had 2 for 1's and bar food so some people got a little rowdy. I ended up braining making a brain out of my testicles and placed them on Art's head and then high-5'd him with my penis hand. When we rolled out of there Art was so drunk, running through the streets like a stray chicken in traffic.


Then Thursday night was Gorman's last ride so we needed to make it epic, which we did. About 15 fortunate people rode to the Southland Greyhound Park in West Memphis, AR. Man, riding across the old bridge is perhaps the scariest thing I've done. You're riding a sidewalk with cars and 18-wheelers coming at you at 60+ mph, headlights blinding you on one side, then the other side is an easy over the railing drop into the Mighty Miss. Thankfully everyone made it across safe. After a brief bit of pavement we hit a sandy/gravel road. Parts of it were a little awkward to traverse so I shouldered my bike and did the 100 yard dash. Back on the pavement and in a little bit of civilization we were cheered by the few people we passed. When we arrived at the dog tracks the valet was a bit confused. We bike pile'd as I don't think he could have ridden a fixed gear. After some beers in the Juke Joint and some loud Steelers fans (I don't get it: Pittsburgh? You don't live there, you weren't a fan 2 years ago, but now you look like a bumble bee and you have ruined your car with giant stickers!) we rode back through the gravel and across the bridge (much easier this time with the cars behind you) and safely home.


...And it's been raining ever since then...


Anonymous said...

From urban dictionary...
The act of giving oral sex, or a blowjob.

Fix Memphis said...

Noted and correted. Thank you, Kermit.

Anthony Siracusa said...

Epic stuff here. I'm glad that for the sake of the historical record the "braining" comment has been corrected.

Carter said...

Any of this directed towards If so, I completely agree. He is the king of building back up from scraps and selling it for ridiculous prices to craigslist suckers