Sunday, September 27, 2009

The weather outside is

absolutely great for polo! And check this out:

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A public court. Yes, it's way out in Germantown. Riverdale Park. If you go east on Poplar, left on Riverdale and right on Neshoba it will be on your right.

And speaking of bike polo, check out this promo from Peugeot:

seen on Tracko

They're #1 in health care so why wouldn't we expect the French to be level with the sport of the future. Vive le Bike Polo!


Corey said...

That court is super nice. It is a roller hockey court. It is a haul out there though. I am down! I think it is lit too.

Carter said...

Hey if you guys schedule these games in advance, Id probably show up to one.

Roco said...

I'm game,but it is in G'TOWN hope those A#$ holes don't give us crap. let's do it ASAP

Anthony Siracusa said...

Speaking of the French, they have a pretty huge bike polo tournament coming up soon! Check it: