Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Joel has set the dates for Cyclocrunk 2009. October 6th, 13th, and the 20th. I've never raced in the Crunkness but I'm trying to get a bike together for this year. I'm going singlespeed and the only thing I'm missing is a frame (which I want to double as my polo bike). So if anyone has any leads on a 56cm frame, preferably an old road frame that originally had 27" wheels (need the extra clearance for larger tires) let me know. You can see pictures from past Crunkies at cyclocrunk.com. From what I hear and have seen it's a tough series, which Russ Griffin usually dominates, lapping people. I know Russ is a tough rider, placing 2nd in the New Gears Alleycat (because he thought side streets would be faster in windy conditions, a mistake I made once) so I'm not racing to win, only to have fun. I'm just wondering if Clark Butcher sold his cross bike. If he hasn't, maybe he can give Russ a challenge?

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