Monday, September 7, 2009

Points Distribution

When you look at the point system keep in mind that it is cumulative. Even if you don't think you can top the list by being on the winning polo team today, you can still move ahead of other people, which will give you bragging rights until next year. So here's how it looks so far:

Skid Comp

Chase 8
Zac 7
Cort 6
Todd 5
Andrew 4
Brett 3
Josh 2
Burly Andy 1

Alleycat (with times, red font is time with bonuses)

Chase 1.34.23 1.32.23
Kermit 1.36.10
Josh 1.47.55
Joel G 1.48.27
Brett 1.54.53
Zac 2.01.17 1.57.17
John 2.02.28
Todd 2.06.40 2.03.40
Andrew 2.11.56 2.07.56
Daniel 2.11.17 2.08.17
Charles 2.12.48
Eric 2.22.13 2.20.13
Parker 2.20.26
Ted 2.31.21 2.26.21
Burly Andy 2.36.57 2.32.57

Look at Andrew/Daniel time and Eric/Parker time and you can see where the time bonuses helped people, if only by seconds. Where does that put the overall standings?

Chase 23
Zac 17
Josh 15
Kermit 14
Brett 14
Todd 13
Joel 12
Andrew 11
John 9
Cort 6
Daniel 6
Charles 5
Eric 4
Parker 3
Burly Andy 2
Ted 2

It looks like Chase has all but sealed an overall victory but can he pull off a sweep of the podium?

Don't forget about the cookout at Jason's house on Harbert at 12:30. If you need directions call me: 901.921.8096


Anthony Siracusa said...

Did you guys tell Dennis he couldn't ride this year so Chase could have a chance?

jmgorman said...

ooh, that's not nice. You might be surprised, Antoine Tacomorra, at Chase's prowess.

Anonymous said...

If Josh R hadn't gotten lost it may have been really close!

Thanks for putting it on again Cort. I had a really good time.

Below is a link to a few photos from the skid comp.

Wish you were here to ride Anthony, but it looks like you're having fun!