Saturday, August 1, 2009

Chocolate Bicycles?

Whenever Emily and I have to go to Target I always peruse the toy aisle. Aside from seeing how multi-million dollar movies can really destroy the way you remember your childhood by putting new faces on G.I. Joes (I'm talking about you Baronness) you sometimes come across things that are actually pretty cool. Case in point:


That's right, Tech Decks with bicycles on them. Upon researching this I learned that it is a series from 2007. There are 2 or 3 more decks not pictured here.


I've tried to find an actual deck because I would love to have it on my wall, not just because I love bicycles but also because I grew up skateboarding. I was more of a Toy Machine lover but Chocolate was never a shit company. Ever. If anyone has one or comes across one please contact me.

This also makes me wonder if any other skate brands will go the route of Santa Cruz, great boards to great bikes, instead of the Tony Hawk route. So many kids come into the shop thinking that Tony Hawk is a BMXer...

And now here are some pictures from 2005 that just prove how much I hate the fact that Hasbro is giving new faces to G.I. Joe action figures:

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