Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Polo Grounds

My friend Andrew came into the shop today and told me that he and some of his friends have been playing polo at the lot next to Dollar General (next to CBU) on Central. A group of us went and checked it out tonight and played a couple of games. It's wide open which makes play longer and it's lit so we can play for a while. There were a couple of times when the ball went under the fence but was easily retrieved. Cones are already there and I distributed mallets to the people who showed up. There are 3 mallets left, 2 of which I think are probably claimed (Kermit and Rocky have dibs) so that leaves one mallet left which will be an extra.

We're going to play tomorrow at this new spot at 6:30PM, to allow everyone to get off work (Chase) and ride over. There is plenty of room to hang out and watch so if you've never played feel free to drop by.


tedlink said...

we officially got kicked out of that spot about an hour after you all left. i just got done driving around town, however, and i've located a couple more promising prospects as far as grounds are considered. two are in church lots, though, so sundays may not be the best days to play in them.
as for CBU, the plan as it stands at present is to try to write a letter to the school activities organizer to see if we can get official permission to play, though it seems like that's probably a long shot.
i'll post again when i know more.

tedlink said...

to elaborate, apparently the security guard that okayed our match to begin with is not the "supervising security officer". apparently, the "supervising security officer" is some short, fat dude that drives a golf cart on the graveyard shift and is on a mean power trip.. dude threatened to arrest us (not that security guards can actually do that) for criminal trespassing if we are ever found on the lot again. so, BE ADVISED.

Fix Memphis said...

I sent an email to the events director but no response as of yet.