Saturday, August 1, 2009

You can carry alot.

I have been bitten by the custom bicycle bug. The past couple of months I have been investigating custom/recycled or re-purposed bikes.
I came across this builder and artist at Bologna bikes. He is a one man operation and on top of making incredible bicycles he turns old cars into guitars. (Yes, I said guitars) go see for yourself. As I grow as a cyclist I have seen many facets of the global cycling community. It is humbling to see how we progress and molt into a newer entity thanks to those creative souls in our fold. Props to Bologna bikes and one of our great local builders
and artists Mr. Mike Crum @
Magnolia Bicycles. Thank you for
what you do.

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Anthony Siracusa said...

The cargo bike is super special, for sure. Here in Copenhagen, they have this device called the Long John. It's quite similar to what is pictured here, but a bit longer with a smaller carrying cage. A new framebuilding company here in town, Larry vs. Harry, has begun selling a model marketed to bike messengers. "You can send letters on the e-mail now," said Hans (Harry) of Larry Vs. Harry. "Now messengers are carrying actual cargo."

The shop sells cargo bikes from 13,000 DKR (2,200 USD) on up to 20,000DKR (3,400 USD). They're usually custom built aluminum frames with really tight paint jobs.