Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Prepare for your DEATH!


The Memphis Downs is Memphis's longest running alleycat. It is a parking garage up-and-down style race spread throughout Memphis where riders are given a manifest of various parking garages that they race up, write down a number or letter, race down and on to the next garage. For the past three years the best riders have conquered 10 garages with approximately 25 miles of racing. This year we've turned the number of garages up to 11! Adding three beer/time bonus checkpoints Memphis Downs 4 will be over 30 miles!

Join us in Memphis on Friday, September 4th at 8pm at Cooper and Walker for a meet & greet featuring footdown, skid comp and other fun events. This event is free.

Saturday the 5th at 10pm there will be a party at Odessa where we will be showing films from Death Pedal, Council of Doom, Bootleg Sessions v.3, and Macaframa! DJ's will be playing and the movies end at 1AM, when the party REALLY starts. This event is $5. There will also be a $1 raffle for a Timbuk2 bag and other gear. Proceeds from the raffle benefit Revolutions Community Bike Shop.

On Sunday the 6th the main event happens. Meet at Revolutions (behind First Congo Church) at 7pm to register for Memphis Downs 4. Race starts at 8pm. This event is $10 and the profits will go to Revolutions.

Sunday, September 7th is Bicycle Polo behind the Peddler Bike Shop on Highland. There are plenty of mallets so bring your bike and some beer and food, as we'll be cooking out. Pick-up games are planned but if we have enough out-of-towners to represent we'll have a tournament. This event is free.


Anthony Siracusa said...

Sweet flyer. You guys should sacrifice a goat or something.

Fix Memphis said...

Oh yes, there will be blood.