Saturday, April 2, 2011

Autozone Park Bicycle Racks


This will get cheesy later but for now let's just get some facts out. Two racks at Autozone Park, home of the AAA Memphis Redbirds, plastic beer bottles, Rendezvous concession stand serving sausage and cheese plates and barbecue chicken nachos and a climbing tower with retractable ropes so you can really jump for the holds. The racks look like they can hold 9 bikes each, 18 total, provided there is enough space between the rack and the wall, which there should be since the racks were installed by Peddler Bike Shop. The left picture is the rack on 3rd Street, the right picture is the rack on Union. My favorite part is, when looking at the picture on the right, that there is a sign that says "Bicycles Only, Motorcycles Will Be Towed." Call me territorial. OK, time for the cheese:

Here's how they rack up:
Form - Wave
Function - SAFE!
Environment - In case you didn't "catch" that they are "wave" racks, fans do "the wave" at baseball games.
Points of Interest - Autozone Park, hot dogs, beer

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