Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cafe Francisco Bicycle Rack

IMG_20110317_113838The Cafe Francisco Bicycle Rack is yet another splendid creation from Jill Turman. Unfortunately, the area in which it is located, the Pinch District, has seen more populated times. It is very odd to me that this area, surrounded by an affluent neighborhood, a mixed-income neighborhood, a hospital, a "theme park" (Mud Island), a hotel and a convention center is so lacking in consumer amenities. A handful of restaurants and shopping are scattered on Main Street with other side streets severely lacking. The area is like South Main 10 years ago, but look how much that has changed; and it didn't take a big retailer like Bass Pro to turn it around.

This bicycle rack reminds me of the trees which populate our entire city, yet this area lacks the greenery we see elsewhere. Perhaps the Pinch District really just needs a "facelift" similar to Broad Street. Then instead of being the interstitial, pass-through area it is it will become a blending of the surrounding areas as well as a destination in its own right.

It's been said that one of Memphis's most noticeable features are the trees. In a metaphorical sense their roots hold the soil of our lives together. A tree is only as strong as its roots and right now our roots are spread wide. We need to strengthen the roots of the city and from there we will grow healthier.

So... here's how the rack racks up:
Form - Artistic
Function - Pass (9 bike potential)
Environment - If there were more trees in the area we might have a hard time finding the bicycle rack.
Points of Interest - TJ Mulligans

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