Saturday, April 2, 2011

Legit Polo Courts in Memphis?

So yes, it's extremely annoying setting up and breaking down wooden pallet barriers, as anyone who's ever played bicycle polo in Memphis knows. So what would happen if there was a legit court that wouldn't have to be set up and broken down before each play, that wouldn't have low spots saturated with water, and the ball didn't jump the curb or the barriers didn't fall over every 3 minutes? Would our play progress? Would more people play?

Obviously a new court to a few polo players isn't the same as a new arena to a few basketball teams but look what happened for them!

We as cyclists are always ready to recycle and there are several tennis courts that could be fitted as polo courts but with the skatepark going in at Tobey Park could the city build a new polo/street hockey court in Midtown?

If you'd like to discuss some possibilities meet at the Young Avenue Deli tomorrow night (that's Sunday) at 6pm. I'll see you there, then polo at 7 at Bluff City Sports.


Jim said...

Ive been reading your blog for a while and like it very much. i wanted to send you an email basically to ask your help on a situation or let me know where to turn. sorry for using the comments section of this post to do this by the way. last night i had two really nice( and really identifiable) bikes stolen in midtown. i would like to get some photos out to local shops and will likely do that this weekend. I was wondering if you had any suggestions other than this. These bikes are going to turn up sooner or later I am sure of it. thanks my email is

Cort said...

That's awful, Jim. Go ahead and call the shops with descriptions of your bikes, serial #'s, etc. Notify the police as well. another resource to use. Unfortunately when people steal bikes they will sometimes take them to the scrapyard and sell for a few bucks to buy their next rock. Scrapyard owners are not accountable for checking serial #'s the way that pawn shops are. Go ahead and send me some pictures and whatever details you can. I'll post them here.