Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gibson Guitar Bicycle Rack

IMG_20110317_112108With 3 potential titles, I decided to go with the building closest. The other candidates are of course FedEx Forum and the Westin Hotel. When those places get bicycle racks in front of their buildings then they'll get named on the map. Until then, BEHOLD: The Gibson Guitar Bicycle Rack. Not shaped like a guitar, instead, another "Memphis Rack" from Jill Turman, which seems slightly more usable.

Here's how it racks up:

Form - Artistic
Function - Pass
Environment - Not really. (Ribs, ya'll!)
Points of Interest - Gibson Guitar Factory, FedEx Forum, Westin Hotel


jpsmemphis said...

Hey Cort - FEDEX Forum has a bicycle rack for patrons located just inside the parking garage near the box office. It's covered and patrolled by security for events.

Cort said...

Sweet! Thanks Jason! Go Grizz!