Thursday, April 28, 2011

Drag'n Frozen Treats

Last week you may have read on several blogs (like The Memphis Blog, Notes From Memphis, I Love Memphis, Hungry Memphis, Fertile Ground, Paul Ryburn, norococo are just a few) about the Food Truck Fare that took place in Court Square on Tuesday, April 19th. Unfortunately, this was a singularity for downtown Memphis, but with the city's updated ordinance, the likelihood of seeing this again is possible. Perhaps maybe for Bike to Work Day on May 20th, 2011? But enough about trucks. This is a bike blog.

Remember that post a few weeks ago where we talked about bicycle food carts at the end? Well, good news for my readers:
2011-04-28 13.16.48

Sam Dunn is the proprietor of Drag'n Frozen Treats, a bicycle-drawn trailer which supplies downtown Memphians with a much needed cold treat. Sam was in the shop the other week with a yellow Cannondale road bike when he told me about his idea. His girlfriend Yvonne welded a trailer for him (Emily gushes aloud) and I was warning him of the difficulties of pulling a fully laden trailer with road bike gear ratio. As you can see from the picture, he has switched to a mountain bike which he finds easier.

I haven't been able to meet with Sam since our initial conversation. Our friend Martie was super awesome to take his picture while she was out today (she's great, really!). Hopefully we'll be seeing Sam and Drag'n Frozen Treats out at the Bike to Work Day Expo and according to his facebook page, he will be attending Bikesploitation (we know he likes Live from Memphis-we don't blame him either!).

Now if we can just get those gyros and hot dogs!


Michelle said...

Thanks for the mention - and I'll be flagging down Drarg'n Frozen treats!

Planet MarTay said...

Thanks for the shout out (and compliment :-)). I'm so excited about Sam wheeling around frozen treats. It would be wonderful if the idea caught on and translated into other delicious foods being hauled by bikes!