Friday, April 29, 2011

Memphis In May - Honoring Mud Boots

I've been getting some blog love (blove?) lately. gomemphis has set up the definitive guide to Memphis In May and procured my help in setting up a bike route map. They even link to my bike rack map which is accessible from a smart phone. (You'll need that smart phone to track the storm systems as they approach.) It would be super cool if there were free bike valet at the entrance to Tom Lee Park - yet another nice way to honor the bike-loving country of Belgium.

Speaking of which, here is how I plan to honor Belgium during the month of May:

1. I will only ride my cyclocross bike. Very popular in Belgium, cyclocross is a type of bicycle racing where participants ride in the grass, sand, gravel, mud, water and they even have to jump over barriers. Just like Music Fest! Even if you're just spectating it's necessary to be prepared and nothing says prepared for Music Fest and cyclocross like The Pit Boot from Vanilla Cycles. Available online for $65.

2. I will only drink Belgian beers. Here is a list of approved brews should you decide to honor in the same manner.

SIKE! That's too long of a list. If you want to know you can visit The Flying Saucer's Beer List and see which beers are Belgian.

3. Like most Belgians, I will NOT wear a helmet while riding.

DOUBLE SIKE! Ya'll stay safe out there!

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theogeo said...

Hey Cort, thanks again for your help! Really appreciate it, and I think it was a cool feature for us to offer people.