Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Court Square Bicycle Rack South/North

IMG_20110317_113053These bicycle racks are a recent addition to Court Square, having been installed after last years Bike To Work Day Expo. Last year there was free valet parking provided by Livable Memphis. This year these two bicycle racks may be sufficient. Readers will recognize these as Jill Turman creations. I got a chance to email Jill and she calls them "squiggle racks" but has given usIMG_20110317_113209 permission to call them Memphis racks, as we are the only city to have them. A lot takes place in Court Square from the weekly Food Not Bombs meal servings on Saturdays at 2pm to the yearly Bicycle Expo for Bike To Work Day. Last year I had a table set up for the Bicycle Film Festival (Bikesploitation is taking the place of this for 2011). There were other vendors set up and people were distributing information and giving out freebies and a lady came up to my table with her hands full of stuff and asked what I was doing. I gave her a flyer and talked about the BFF and she was just nodding her head and when I had finished she asked, "What's this?" To which I replied, "My sunscreen?" not sure where she was directing her question. She said, "Yeah." So I explained to her the purpose of sunscreen and then she asked, "Is it free?" This lady actually wanted my sunscreen. When I told her "no" and that it was mine, she huffed off like I had wasted her time.

Here's how they rack up:

Form - Artistic
Function - Pass
Environment - Ribs!
Points of Interest - Rachel's Salon, Stella, Blue Plate Cafe, Springhill Suites

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