Thursday, May 5, 2011

Civic Center Plaza Bicycle Rack

IMG_20110317_113543 This nine-bike wave rack sits at the northern edge of Civic Center Plaza. If you're not familiar with the name Civic Center Plaza, it's where most of the Shelby County and City of Memphis government offices are located. Still not familiar? It's the place with the fountains that shoot up out of the ground. Yeah, now you got it. Perfect place to lock up, let the kids out of the trailer and let them play around. They go crazy for those fountains. Remember that scene from Billy Madison where the kid sits on the sprinkler? This is like that, but on EPO. I've seen kids do it, too. It probably feels like getting racked. Did you see that? I made a pun.

Anyways, here's how the rack racks up:

Form - Wave
Function - Pass
Environment - By the books, government work, baby. And they probably paid twice the price.
Points of Interest - Memphis City Council

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myshoeshurt said...

yay for the Memphis fountains!