Sunday, May 15, 2011

First Alliance Bank Bicycle Rack

IMG_20110428_180456If "wtf?" is going through your mind then I'm right there along with you. A Jill Turman Memphis Rack at a bank. WTF? But kudos to them anyway. I know my bank would be so much better with a bike rack. As it is now I have to lock up to a tree and one location (I almost said branch...) or the handicapped railing at another location. One day I was locking up to the tree and my friend Ben rode up and locked up to the same tree. At least I knew him and it didn't turn in to some awkward situation with one of us waiting for the other person to finish. Does your bank have a bicycle rack?

Here's how it racks up:

Form - Artistic
Function - Pass
Environment - Green is the color of money!
Points of Interest - First Alliance Bank

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