Sunday, May 8, 2011

University of Memphis Law School Bicycle Racks


I'm a little troubled by this bicycle rack. I mean, this rack really has everything you want: created by a once-local artist (yeah, you guessed right, Jill Turman), it draws on its environment and offers plenty of parking. What's troubling is that there are no bikes parked here. For some reason they (they being, I'm assuming, University of Memphis) put another pair of bike racks near these. The Jill Turman Scroll Racks are in the upper left corner of these racks:

You know the three most important factors in real estate and retail? Location, location, location. The wave racks are easier to access: curb level parking vs. carrying the bike up 5 steps. I think it would be nice for the U of M to remove the generic wave racks and replace them with the scroll racks. If not, I'm sure there's a book store or library in town where these would be more appreciated.

Here's now they rack up:

Form - 1 artistic, 1 wave
Function - both pass
Environment - 1 works, 1 doesn't bring anything to the table
Points of Interest - University of Memphis Law School, Confederate Park, The Little Tea Shop

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