Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tiger Lane Crit Series

Red Ant Racing has hooked up with the Young Avenue Deli to bring a crit series to Memphis. The Tiger Lane Crit Series has had a few reschedules due to inclement weather but now that it's looking nice outside again the race is back on. It's a wonderful time to hang out with a lot of people involved in the cycling scene and watch some pretty fast racing. At race #2 there was a guy from the Trek U23 (under 23) team who just blew the 1, 2, 3's away; to the point that he was 30 seconds away from lapping the pack. "The only one in the photo" as the saying goes.

Not only do you get to see some good racing you get to see some beautiful bicycles. For instance this custom Speedvagen dressed in Record 11:

I've always been a fan of Sacha White's frames, specifically the cross stuff. Always race quality that doesn't sacrifice aesthetics. Really, he just piles the aesthetics on. Check these:

The next race is Wednesday May 18th at 5:30pm. Check http://www.memphiscrits.com for photos and info.


jmgorman said...

Man, I wish I could remember who told me that crits at the liberty bowl was the stupidest idea imaginable. Glad to see this building up and bringing people to midtown to race in the summer. Between this, polo and cyclocrunk you guys are really starting to build a scene!

Cort said...

Josh, you wouldn't believe the number of people just out riding around compared to last year. When you comin' for a visit? Em and I are planning a Memorial Day Cook-out.

myshoeshurt said...

going to these races are really fun for me. i love beer, chips and watching other people workout!

jmgorman said...

Man, I would really love to head that way sometime soon. I just don't see it happening this summer, though. Well, maybe August. Memphis is nice in August, right?